Welcome to your PRESENT Podiatry ~ OPMA Alliance Partnership page. We here at the Oregon Podiatric Medical Association (OPMA) are always hard at work looking to bring you better services to increase the value of your membership. As a result of our partnership with PRESENT e-Learning Systems, we are able to offer you as series of valuable new member benefits.

    • Discounted Registration Fees for OPMA Members to all PRESENT Conferences
      OPMA members now receive the lowest and most preferred pricing to register and attend PRESENT Conferences. Registration for the Northern Podiatric Summit in Vancouver, BC, Superbones Superwounds East and West Conferences, Residency Education Summits East and Midwest, and the Desert Foot Conference are now ALL discounted for OPMA members from $149 to $99.
    • $60 Free Credit for OPMA Members for Online CME Lectures on the PRESENT Podiatry Website
      All OPMA members are now set up on the PRESENT Podiatry CME lecture site with a $60 credit which can be used to purchase CME lectures. Your credit will be listed per examples below...
monitor screen displaying available credits
mobile screen displaying available credits
  • PRESENT OPMA Recommended CME Lecture Program
    Your association has listed below a featured selection of the best CME lectures and packages from the PRESENT Podiatry online CME collection. Click on these links to find the best in podiatric online CME, use your $60 credit until it is depleted, and then pay the industry standard of $20 per continuing education credit hour — averaging just $10 per program. You will be receiving a new email series from your association, highlighting a weekly recommended CME lecture for you.

Lecture Packages

Author CPME Price More Info/Buy
PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online   100+ hours $625.00 Buy to View
Board Review w/ Boards By the Numbers     $695.00 But to View

Individual Lectures

Author CPME Price More Info/Buy
The Basic Biomechanical Exam Robert D Phillips, DPM 0.75 hours $15 But to View
Assessment of Pediatric Pes Planus: Part 1 Marc Benard 0.75 hours $15 Buy To View
Treatment Options for Diabetic Neuropathy Lawrence Lavery, DPM, MPH 0.75 hours $15 But to View
A Primer on Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction Ryan Fitzgerald, DPM 0.75 hours $15 Buy To View
Percutaneous Bunion Correction - Are you kidding me? Not anymore... Guido LaPorta, DPM, MS 0.50 hours $10 But to View
New Approaches to Tinea Pedis and Onychomycosis Warren S Joseph, DPM 0.75 hours $15 But to View
Common Cutaneous Malignancies Stephen G. Ruby, MD 0.50 hours $10 But to View
Derm Pearls from Cases at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Tracey Vlahovic, DPM 0.50 hours $10 But to View
Nevus vs Melanoma Steve A. McClain, MD 0.75 hours $15 But to View
Osteomyelitis: Current Diagnostic and Treatment Approaches Aksone Nouvong, DPM 0.50 hours $10 But to View