2017 Legislative Report

The 2018 Legislative Session adjourned sine die just before 5 pm on Saturday, March 3, 2018.  The short session was again contentious as the House Democrats had an aggressive agenda and the rest of the Legislature, to varying degrees, looked at the short Session as something that should not be quite as ambitious.

It was not a busy Session for OPMA this time.  Of those, two were signed into law.

Bills that passed:

HB 4018 requires meetings of the governing body of a coordinated care organization in which decisions are made final to be open to public and to take public testimony.  We were just watching this bill.

HB 4020 specifies criteria for licensing of extended stay centers and requires the Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules.  We supported this bill, which allows for ambulatory surgery centers to utilize extended stay centers for their patients.

Bills that did not pass:

HB 4136 would have required coordinated care organizations to annually report to the Oregon Health Authority specified financial information.  We were watching this bill, which was referred to the House Health Care Committee, but did not get a hearing.